Welcome to FFAW

The Freiburg research centre for occupational sciences (FFAW) is analyzing today's workplace practices.

In our national and international research projects we use empirical methods in close cooperation with our partners. It is very important for us that our studies' results fit to our customers' needs. Our customers are mainly companies, other scientific institutes and consultants.

Following this approach we make use of the COPSOQ (Copenhagen psychosocial questionnaire) for risk research in Germany. It can be seen as a success, that more than 250,000 employees have participated in our COPSOQ surveys since 2005. Have a look at our COPSOQ-website and find some further information there.

We are member of the international COPSOQ network and also it's steering commitee. Thus we are closely linked to scientific institutes of various countries and disciplines worldwide.

We'd like to invite you to contact us directly. We'll be pleased to meet you!